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How To Prepare for Painting Day

How To Get Your Room Ready for Interior Painting

interior-painting-mariettaYou’ve laid all the groundwork necessary for starting your interior painting project including picking out the paint and hiring your company. Now it’s time to get the room ready so that the job can be successful. Although some of these things can be done by the crew done, it’s smarter to do as much in advance as possible. This will save the painters time and help them get the job faster. It will also insure that whatever items need to be moved are done by you, so that the liability is not on the company. This insure the safety of your items. Many companies require that the homeowners move and relocate all their items. So here are just a few tips from a Marietta Painting Contractor.

Create a Safe Passageway

There’s a good chance that the painters are going to be bringing all kinds of equipment with them in order to properly do their job. Create the quickest path of least resistance in order for them to have instant access to the room. For instance, if they’re painting a kitchen and it’s in the back of the house, it may be more practical for them to enter and exit through the back door, rather than travel 2-3 rooms to the living room and out the front door. Whatever pathway you create needs to be de-cluttered with all items out of the way. This eliminates damage to items, and possible hazard for the painters.

Prepare the Room

It’s always best to clear the room that you are about to paint from all furniture and every single item on the floor. Some rooms may be more difficult to clear than others. Remember, this is paint. Although most professional companies take great protective measures in order to protect all items from the paint, the best protective measure is to eliminate any chance for paint to even come close to your home decor. So remove all items from the room as best as you can.

Prepare the Walls

Remove all items from walls including photos, decor, mirrors, and anything attached to or hanging from the wall. It’s also a good idea to pull all nails, screws, and other attachment devices from the wall as well. It is important to remember that in order for the painter to create a totally smooth wall, that all nail-holes will be filled in and sanded down. So there’s a good chance that all of your hanging markings will be completely gone, and you’ll have to start fresh rehanging all of your items. You’ll love just how fresh your walls look.

Create a Safe Environment

If you have any pets, it is best that they are detained during the period that the painters are working in your home. The last thing you want is for your dog to attack the workers. Warn the painting crew of any possible hazards that they may experience while painting your home. Make sure they have clear walkways, easy access to the room, eliminate any possible places where they could trip, fall, or be hurt. The easier it is for them to do their job, the more efficiently they’ll complete it.